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Aromatherapy Massage

If you’re feeling stressed, sore and overtired — in other words, in need of a massage — but you’re not quite in the mood for a strenuous muscle-kneading session, an aromatherapy massage could be right up your alley. The purpose of an aromatherapy massage is not so much to physically work out all the kinks and sore spots in your body, but to use the restorative properties of essential oils to relax and heal your body and mind.

Essential oils are 100 percent natural, highly concentrated plant essences. There are more than 3,000 essential oils out there, each with its own therapeutic qualities. You name the ailment, and there’s an essential oil that could relieve it. They’re used to treat pain, muscle spasms, stiffness, depression, insomnia, asthma, congestion, hypertension, and the list goes on.

Tantric Massage

Our Tantric Massage session begins with a full body tantric massage with erotic touch which radiates through your entire body. By now, the pleasure has built up and you probably want to let go. However, for the finest tantric massage, we follow up with a prostate and lingam massage.

Tanric massage is supported by a team of 18–28 years of age barely legal yet sensually precocious, young, sweet masseuse, all selected from among the cutest red-flushed sweet faces and most importantly, trained masseuse with a predisposition to take care and to accommodate. Small-titted yet curvy, their fingers and toes and literally every part of their body have been taught and conditioned to stimulate and to please – a sumptuous treat for those with the highest expectations and wildest palate.

Nude Tantric Massage

NURU massage is your best choose to be release stress let your body heal and give yourself heigten Sensual experience the basics connot of Nuru massage is blend spirituality with sensuality this is why NURU massage very special domain that connot be mastered by everyone you can look for same good time experience with us Though Japan Nuru massage in HK is available for men deriving the most pleasure from this massage it release the different knots tensions in your body and make you feel relaxed and at ease Unlimited erotic experience the NURU massage is not just about finding numerous health benefits and attaining peace of your mind also about gaining sexual fulfill ment human it is about exploring another aspect of your personality ,NURU massage is not eroticism instead it’s a sensual way of find the higher spirit and connect with as well. and you become more confident powerful and highly sensitive individual whose body can work like an antennas become more receptive to Unlimited erotic experience the Nuru massage is not just about finding numerous health benefits and attaining peace of your mind also about gaining sexual fulfill ment as human it’s about exploring another aspect of your personality ,remember Nuru is not eroticism instead it’s a sensual way of find the higher spirit and connect.

Four Hands Massage

If you have ever had a Tantric massage, you know just how exquisite it feels to have two amazing and sensual hands caress your body. If the touch of one Goddess is pure bliss, imagine the fun and pleasure you will receive with two.

A Four hands massage is the ultimate Tantric indulgence. Not only do you receive double the pleasure, you receive double the healing as well. Best of all, you feel different waves of pleasure travelling through your body.

Considering the fact that each Goddess has her own special touch, you will technically receive two different massages at the same time. You will feel ecstatic sensations you never knew about ripple through your body, down to your very soul.

There are very few words that can describe the ultimate pleasure that a 4 hand massage can provide. You honestly have to experience it to truly believe it.

Be warned though, once you have experienced a 4 hand massage, you will not want to go back to a regular Tantric massage again.

Japan Nuru Massage

Nuru Rub is a super slippery bodyslide using high-quality Japanese Nuru gel not available in stores.
Your massage girl will guide you through a memorable massage full of pleasure.
This gel is far superior to massage oil because it is cool, super-slippery, non-greasy and is easy to clean.
View some Nuru massage videos on Youtube and later enjoy the real luxury Nuru rub/massage in HongKong.

Couples Massage

Couples massage has several definitions. It can be massage performed on two people by two massage therapists, simultaneously and in the same room. The two people don’t have to share a romantic connection. Alternately, this can refer to massage for couples performed on each other, which may or may not have a romantic or erotic component.
The first type of massage is growing in popularity, and if both members of a couple enjoy massages, they may wish to share this experience of relaxation. There are numerous spas or massage therapy practitioners that offer couples massage. As mentioned, the couple doesn’t have to be a romantic couple. It could instead be best friends, siblings, or any two people who feel comfortable enough being relatively undressed in front of each other. It is possible for a more modest massage by wearing undergarments or bathing suits.

Couples massage of this type can be of varying massage disciplines and it could have other features that are attractive, such as seaweed wraps, hot stone treatments, or time in a whirlpool. Occasionally, other services like facials, pedicures or manicures are offered too. For this type of massage to work best, it really needs to involve two massage therapists so that each member of the couple gets equal and consistent attention. This means this form of therapy is generally about twice as expensive as a regular massage, and price may go up with the purchase of extra spa services.

Prostate Massage

Our prostate massage starts slowly with a gentle massage, with great care and sensitivity the prostate is being massaged from the inside. By stimulating the prostate, men feel sensations deeper into their body and often have stronger erections.

Body to Body Massage

This unconventional, Tantra-inspired technique is extremely popular and effective due to the potent combination of its erotic and therapeutic effects.

As the name suggests, in a body to body massage, your tantric goddess uses her charming body to massage yours. As she slithers her gorgeous body over yours, even as she uses the firm touch of a trained masseuse, she will evoke a melange of erotic sensations.

As she gently moves across your body, she enhances your heightens sexual senses while also applying strong Tantric massage technique to extend the energy throughout your entire body.

The Lingam Massage

The lingam massage will start with the receiver on his back, head up and hips elevated. The hips and head will be elevated by means of a pillow. The legs should be apart allowing the Lingam to be clearly visible.

Before the Lingam can be massaged, it is important to further relax the receiver. The physical massage commences with the neck and the giver will slowly move down exciting every inch of the body including the neck, chest, nipples, stomach, legs thighs and eventually, the Lingam. It is very important to constantly remind the receiver to breathe deeply and as one with the giver.

Next, The shaft is gently massaged with alternating hands, pressure and speeds. The stroking starts at the base of the shaft where a releasing motion is made up the shaft. The same is done when coming down. The area around the Lingam (pubic bone) is simultaneously and randomly massaged.

The “sacred spot” is the last spot to be massaged. It is a small indentation between the testicles and the anus. A small push is given to relax and please the area. A Lingam massage is the ultimate surrender as men are able to feel more pleasure in one session than in their entire lives.

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